„If you watch a game, it's fun.
If you play it, it's recreation.
If you work at it, it's golf.”
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Description of the program StrokeValue®

The program StrokeValue® determines weak and strong elements in your game of golf and suggests appropriate training in order to improve the game. Tee shot, long game, pitching, chipping, bunker play, putting - you will learn which of these elements are at the right level for your handicap and which you still have to train and how. The program will indicate what types of trainings should be applied to your golf game in order to make it more effective and to lower your handicap. Using the program of StrokeValue® systematically helps improving your level of golf game, you know what and how to practice. The game becomes more enjoyable and you start to win more tournaments. You also have the opportunity to compare the effectiveness of your different strikes with other players including PGA Tour players. Descriptions and diagrams of trainings recommended for certain strikes are very precise and adjusted to the players €˜levels. They concern 10 types of strokes; Tee shot, the Long Game, Long pitching, Short pitching, chipping, bunker games fairway and bunkers at the putting green, Long, medium and short putting. The program can be used by both amateur and professional players. The author of the program is Krzysztof Czupryna and companies Target54 and GolfHelp. StrokeValue® is a program that will change your game of golf!